Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Eight Holiday Greats #4

Lucille's Kitchen Garden Eight Holiday Greats #4!

Roast Pork Shoulder with Rosemary Salt and

Garlic Pepper Glaze
1 5 to 6lbs Pork Shoulder
2 TBS Lucille's Kitchen Garden Rosemary Salt plus 1 TBS to finish
¼ Cup Jameson Irish whiskey
1 Cup Water
3 to 5 generous TBS Lucille's Kitchen Garden Garlic Pepper Jam
1 Medium Yellow Onion sliced into medium thick rings
Generously season the pork shoulder by rubbing with 2 TBS rosemary salt.
Coat the bottom of Dutch oven with oil and brown roast on all sides. I like to
throw a few onion slices in halfway through browning for extra flavor
Deglaze the bottom of the pan with whiskey scraping any brown bits from the bottom
and add water and onions.
Cover and place in 300 degree oven for one hour.
Reheat garlic pepper jam to liquid form. Glaze the pork shoulder generously with
the jam and return uncovered to the oven. Turn the temperature up to 375 degrees
and roast for another hour while the liquid cooks down. Add water if liquid gets
below one inch in the bottom of the pan.
Remove roast and give a light glaze with remaining jam and slice. Use 1 TBS salt
to finish seasoning the shoulder, adjust to taste. Reserve the remaining liquid
in the Dutch oven and serve in gravy boat on the side. (It tastes marvelous over
a baked potato). You can garnish the platter with roast garlic cloves and sprigs
of rosemary.

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Lucille's Kitchen Garden: jams with a kick by Roseanne Pereira
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Entertaining With Lucille
Whether it is because of fears of the economy, or the realization that this year
there is an even greater need to budget extra for giving to those hit hardest by
the recession, we find ourselves being more conscious about the cost of entertaining.
The recipe in this issue is intended to offer a delicious alternative to some of
the pricier cuts of meat without sacrificing the flavor and beauty of your holiday
The roast will turn out tender and juicy with a glaze that has really permeated
the meat with its flavor. I like to serve it in thick, 1 inch slices with chunks
of roast garlic and some of the drippings.
If you do not eat pork, I encourage you to visit our website www.lucilleskitchengarden.com
for a similar recipe that uses a whole roasting chicken. We hope that you enjoy
this recipe and that your are enjoying time with loved ones this holiday season.
Very Sincerely,
Zoie Glass
Owner: Lucille's Kitchen Garden
Passionate About Local Flavor!

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